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Captainkazoo Museum
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Description:CAPTAIN KAZOOZ KAZOO MUSEUM IS A VIRTUAL REALITY MUSEUM. The MUSEUM now contains over 200 KAZOOZ and KAZOO related items. The exhibits have been painstakingly designed and executed to bring you a full measure of the VIRTUAL REALITY EXPERIENCE. The PACE IS SLOW...Individual exhibits, because of their reliance on graphics, music, text and links, load slowly and may, depending on the speed of your modem, take some time to be fully realized. I am hoping, that in choosing to visit the museum, you have set aside some time to relax and enjoy the vast array of unique KAZOOZ that we have assembled for your viewing pleasure.CAPTAIN KAZOOZ KAZOO MUSEUM EXISTS ONLY ON THE INTERNET AND IS DESIGNED AS AN ENTERTAINMENT ONLY. THE KAZOOZ DISPLAYED IN THE MUSEUM ARE NOT FOR SALE. Captain Kazoo SHOPS & BUYS KAZOOZ and KAZOO related items via the internet, at antique shows and shops, from private collections and individuals. If you have one or more KAZOOZ that might fit into our format of antique, unusual, unique, customized or otherwise collectible KAZOOZ and or any other KAZOO related items, PLEASE contact me via email and let's talk.
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