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Museum of Pupi Siciliani
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Continent:Europe Country:Italy
Region:Sicily City:Randazzo
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Description:Welcome to the official web-site of the Sicilian Puppet Theatre of the Fratelli Pasqualino. The Pupi Siciliani—a unique kind of large and heavy marionettes covered with knightly armor—are the traditional form of epic popular theatre that developed in Sicily in the early 1800’s. Consistent with this tradition, the Sicilian Puppet Theatre of the Fratelli Pasqualino—a family-owned company— has brought the magic of the Pupi Siciliani to crowds of all ages and backgrounds. In 1969, Fortunato and Pino Pasqualino, two Sicilian brothers, founded the company. In 1972 the company completed its first foreign tour, with a series of performances in English at numerous colleges in the United States (from Princeton University and University of Notre Dame to The Citadel and College of William and Mary).
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