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American Computer Museum
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Continent:America Country:USA
Region:Montana City:Bozeman
Categories:Scientific - Technological Languages:English
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Description: Our displays are designed to appeal from the beginner through the expert in computing. All visitors have an opportunity to view in our theater a video introducing the museum and its collections. All visitors are given an option to join regularly scheduled tours conducted by knowledgeable and friendly tour guides. We have literally hosted visitors from 3 to 93 years of age - it is an ideal family destination. Probably the biggest surprise that visitors have expressed is the unexpectedly comprehensive assortment of antique office appliance such as typewriters, Arithmometers, adding machines, furniture, electric fans, staplers, pencil sharpeners, etc. that await them - not to mention hundreds of slide rules, dozens of mainframe computers and peripherals and scores of personal computers - all presented in a timeline fashion. Over 1,000 artifacts are on display in a 6,000 square foot area. Look around you and chances are that you are near a computer or computing device. Be you in your home, car or out for a stroll - you are most probably near one. Your watch, microwave, car, ATM bank machine, telephone, pager, CD player, clock, VCR, laser disk player, dvd player - computer. All of these devices and many more have tiny silicon devices that compute and store information. By traveling through our museum's timeline you will grasp the exciting 20,000+ years of history of the information age. Technology becomes easier to accept when one learns about its origins in the natural process of human development.
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