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Fernbank Museum of Natural History
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Continent:America Country:USA
Region:Georgia City:Atlanta
Categories:Natural Science Languages:English
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Description:Fernbank Museum of Natural History is the first museum in the world to collectively assemble the world's largest dinosaurs in the groundbreaking permanent exhibition, Giants of the Mesozoic. Unearthed in the badlands of Patagonia, Argentina, Giganotosaurus, a 47-foot-long meat eater, and Argentinosaurus, a 126- to 127-foot-long plant eater, are joined by a flock of flying pterosaurs in the Museum’s 86-foot-tall Great Hall. The engaging exhibition envelops visitors in a prehistoric scene that captures the surprise attack of Giganotosaurus upon the massive Argentinosaurus as three Anhanguera, a species of pterosaur, observe from above. A flock of 21 smaller pterosaurs, Pterodaustro, scatter in reaction to the erupting attack scene below.
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