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Dimock Gallery
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Continente: America Nazione: USA
Regione: District of Columbia Città: Washington
Categorie: Gallery Lingue: English
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Descrizione: The Dimock Gallery is an educational gallery which provides a setting for the display of art on The George Washington University campus. With the active support of Department of Fine Arts and Art History students, the Dimock Gallery's new mission provides for a "hands-on" experience for curating and presenting their creative endeavors. Ongoing student and faculty participation provides a forum for students to curate, display, and critique their creative efforts, and creates a learning environment in which students can organize exhibitions and learn about exhibition design with the advice of faculty and curators. From time to time, exhibitions will be staged in conjunction with Lisner Auditorium performances, such as Flamenco Festivals, other international collaborations, and academic programs.
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