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Chagall Gallery
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Descrizione: The great Russian artist, Marc Chagall (1887-1985), created a genre virtually his own with his lively renderings of Russian village life, as filtered through the prism of Yiddish folklore, and his illustrations of folk tales and Bible stories. Chagall's Jewish heritage and his reliance on the culture of an East European Jewish village for his inspiration and subject matter provide a link between two otherwise separate careers. Chagall's highly imaginative and very personal style took shape after he moved to Paris in 1920. The popular success of his designs for the dome of the Paris Opera in 1964 led to a commission (1966) for two enormous murals in the foyer of New York's metropolitan opera house. At the suggestion of New York's Modern Museum of Art, Chagall spent World War II in the United States. Chagall's later work, infused with strong religious overtones, includes stained-glass windows (1960-61) for the Hadassah-Hebrew University-hospital synagogue in Jerusalem and the mosaics and tapestries (1966) for the Israeli Knesset. At the age of 90 Chagall became the first living artist to be exhibited at the Louvre. A Chagall museum is located in Nice, France. And on Sept. 26, 1961, a portion of this collection of Chagall lithographs was purchased from Ida and Marc Chagall by the great art dealer Eric Estoric and stored away in Switzerland until its recent acquisition by AJ Fine Arts, Ltd. of New York.
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