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Bronze of Riace

Battleship Cove is one of the nations finest exhibits of historic naval ships in the world. For over thirty years, Battleship Massachusetts has welcomed visitors of all ages.
Its historic naval ships, military exhibits, and related memorabilia tell the stories of brave sailors and their proud fighting days long ago. The visitors can walk where these sailors fought, and man the guns they used to defend freedom.
Battleship Massachusetts

Fall River, Massachusetts - USA

The first new museum in Pennsylvania in twenty years, Erie Maritime Museum opened its doors May 21, 1998. As homeport of U.S. Brig Niagara, Erie Maritime Museum presents the story of Niagara as the reconstructed flagship of Pennsylvania and the warship that won the Battle of Lake Erie in the War of 1812. Offering a wide range of multi-media and interactive exhibits and coupled with lively interpretive programs, Erie Maritime Museum vividly illustrates Niagara's history and the region's rich maritime heritage.
Erie Maritime Museum

Erie, Pensilvania - USA

The Museum opened its doors in 1988. It is now recognized as Canada's second largest naval museum. On display fighter aircrafts, a collection of ships models, a variety of naval uniforms, an extensive collection of rank and trade badges, cap ribbons, shipborne equipment together with numerous other naval artifacts comprising a unique collection which by itself contributes to the recognition of the Royal Canadian Navy and Canada's Merchant Navy.
Naval Museum of Alberta

Alberta - Canada

The goal of the Naval Museum of Manitoba is to promote the history of Canada's Navy, especially as it pertains to those Manitobans who have served with the Navy. The Naval Museum captures a moment in history, remembering the lifestyle, sense of duty and patriotism of Canadian sailors during times of peace and war. In creating this archive, many Manitobans have served their community by donating artifacts, time and energy to a successful effort.

Naval Museum of Manitoba

Winnipeg, Manitoba - Canada

The Naval Undersea Museum combines naval history, undersea technology, and marine science to create an exciting and educational experience for visitors.
The museum possesses the largest collection of artifacts in the United States related to naval undersea history, science, and operations: these artifacts tell the story of naval exploration and operation under the sea.
The museum collects all types of Navy helmet and free diving equipment as well as civilian equipment which relates to Navy use or development. And also it collects torpedoes, mines, material and information about submarines as it relates to the technology of operating and navigating beneath the sea.

Naval Undersea Museum

Keyport, Washington - USA

This unique museum traces the history of submarine development, from Alexander the Great, to Holland I, to the giant nuclear powered Vanguard class of the present day peace keepers.
It offers an unique learning experience giving visitors the chance to walk on board a real World War II submarine and discover true tales of heroism and relive a life under the sea through the personal belongings of the crew. The museum serves as the Regimental Headquarters for past submariners. It also houses a huge collection of photographs, transcripts, artifacts and archive material.

Royal Navy Submarine Museum

Gosport, Hampshire - UK

Young and old salts alike will find lots to see and do at The Navy Museum. Called one of Washington, D.C.'s most "user-friendly" museums, The Navy Museum exhibits ship models, uniforms, medals, ordnance, photographs and fine art in the setting of the former Breech Mechanism Shop of the old Naval Gun Factory. With gun mounts to climb on and periscopes to look through, the Museum offers endless opportunities for interactive learning.

The Navy Museum

Washington DC – USA

The Mariners' Museum, one of the largest international maritime museums in the world, is dedicated to "illuminating mankind's experience with the sea and the events that shaped the course and progress of civilization." It is a nonprofit, educational institution accredited since 1972 by the American Association of Museums.
International in scope, the collection is composed of more than 35,000 maritime items, including ship models, scrimshaw, maritime paintings, decorative arts, intricately carved figureheads, working steam engines, and more.

The Mariners' Museum

Newport News, Virginia - USA

It is the oldest and largest Maritime Museum in Canada. Having celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1998, the Museum has developed a unique history of its own. The Museum is a valuable historical, cultural and educational institution. It is the largest site in Nova Scotia that collects and interprets various elements of Nova Scotia's marine history. Visitors are introduced to the age of steamships, local small craft, the Royal Canadian and Merchant Navies, Second World War convoys and The Battle of the Atlantic.

The Royal Marines Museum is dedicated to the preservation and presentation of all aspects of Royal Marines history for the education and enjoyment of the general public.
The story is brought to life with theatrical sets, films, sound effects and a fascinating collection of objects.

The Royal Marines Museum

Southsea - UK

This museum serves as an educational and inspirational resource for students of American naval history, and thousands of visitors each year. Through its collections and exhibits the Museum contributes to the recognition of history as a basic source of knowledge in advancing the theory and practice of sea power.
Utilizing three-dimensional and graphic materials, the Museum demonstrates the Navy's role, in war and in peace, in defending and preserving the ideals of our country and mankind.

U.S. Naval Academy Museum

Annapolis, Maryland - USA

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