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Bronze of Riace

Countries in war
The only comprehensive museum of a thousand years of Swedish history. It's a big museum on three floors collecting and preserving objects connected with the Army (everything from socks to cannon), and it disseminates knowledge through the medium of exhibitions and other outgoing activities. One of its objectives is to relate Swedish history, the history of technology, women's history, industrial history, the history of crafts and the history of warfare - without any glorification of weapons.
Army Museum

Stockholm - Sweden

The Memorial is internationally recognised for its exhibitions, which present stories of Australians in war and Australia's contribution to armed conflicts all over world and peacekeeping operations. Its rich and diverse collections of war records bring the events of the past to life, in displays using the finest of contemporary museum technology. Its exhibitions show the relevance of these stories today, and help to define Australia and Australians for visitors of all ages and origins.
Australian War Memorial

Canberra - Australia

The Museum of Military History is Vienna's oldest museum. The collections of this most important history museum in Europe reach from the 16th to the 20th centuries.
In five major sections the history of the Habsburg Empire from the end of the 16th century until 1918 and Austria's fate after the dissolution of the monarchy up to the year 1945 are shown. Major events in history form the basis of the exhibition.
In the so called Artillery Halls in front of the Museum the world's biggest collection of historical pieces of artillery from seven centuries is presented.
The War Memorial is inspired by a neoclassical design and its heroic monuments and statuary all contribute to its grander.
The building contains a free military museum that portrays the history of Indiana's gallant veterans from the Battle of Tippecanoe, through the several wars in which it has been engaged, to the present.
Among the interesting items on display is the commission plate of the battleship USS Indiana, numerous military firearms, a Korean War era helicopter, a Navy Terrier missile that can be armed with an atomic nuclear war head, and hundreds of other artifacts, photos and documents.
Indiana War Memorial Museums

Indianapolis, Indiana - USA

The Canadian War Museum, the national military history museum, is a living memorial to those men and women who served in Canada's armed forces. It is also a centre for research and the dissemination of information and expertise on all aspects of the country's military past from the pre-contact era to the present. It preserves the artifacts of Canadian military experience, interprets them for present and future generations, and advances the professional study of Canadian military history, including the effects of war and conflict on the nation and all its citizens.
Musee Canadien
de la Guerre

Ottawa - Canada

The Museum is introduced on the web with a dense site of information on its aims and its rich offer of materials to disposition of the visitors. Beginning from a map that represents the various sections in which the museum it is subdivided, it's possible to proceed to a virtual visit through rooms , dedicated to the colonialism, the napoleonic age, the 1848, the two world wars, the Resistance, equipped with a descriptive text and illustrative images. The other pages of the website give visitors news on the rich library and the museum documentation.
Museo storico di Trento

Trento - Italy

The Museum is dedicated to the process of political unification of Italy, that was divided in to small states dominated or influenced by foreign powers for centuries. This process had been fulfilled during XIX the century.
The museum is composed by 26 rooms, extending chronologically before and after regular risorgimental period. The narration begins from XVIII century and it go on to the first fifty years of life of the reign of Italy with mentions to the social conflicts and the colonial conquests. Wide space is given to the Great War. A gallery is dedicated to the clandestine fight to fascism, to assertion of this one and to the Resistance until the end of the Second World War. The museum homes a great variety of objects (arms, flags, uniforms) and also print documents, manuscripts and figurative works.
This museum educates the general public, and in particular youth, about Canada's military history by focusing on the sacrifice and commitment of the men and women of Southern Alberta, who sacrificed their lives in the service of their country, in a manner that is relevant.
The museum features videos that demonstrate Canada's efforts to aid their friends and allies in the service of peace. Stories are told using the latest technology in computers, sound, moving images, drama, touch, contextual exhibits and program facilitators.
Museum of the Regiments

Calgary - Canada

The National War Museum of Scotland explores the Scottish experience of war and military service over the last 400 years.
The lives of many thousands of Scots have been dominated by this experience - the objects in the museum, and the individuals and events to which they relate, make this very clear. The museum also reveals the extent to which war and military service have influenced Scotland's history, its sense of its own identity and its reputation abroad.
Scotland's military history is presented in galleries housed in mid-18th century buildings at Edinburgh Castle.
This web site, built and maintained by Veterans Affairs Canada, contains information about more than 116,000 Canadians and Newfoundlanders who have lost their lives in major conflicts since 1884. In addition to being a tribute to the men and women who served and gave their lives for Canada, the web site has a searchable database and the facility for members of the public to contribute to the memorial by submitting images, letters and other memorabilia.
Although many museums contain military items, The Motts Military Museum is unique because it encompasses all periods of military history with all countries in which the United States has been involved.
The purpose of this museum is to bring military history into its proper perspective by the collection and preservation of personal stories and memorabilia from the men and women who served in american military. This will serve to educate the public on the importance of past, present, and newly developing military events and document the impact those events have played and will play in their lives.
The Motts Military Museum

Columbus, Ohio - USA

The Welsh Regiment, formed in 1719 as a Regiment of Invalids for garrison duties, went on to distinguish itself in wide variety of campaigns, most notably in Canada, in the Crimea, during the Napoleonic Wars and with the Royal Navy, not to mention World War I and World War II and more recently Korea.
The Regiment has two Museums located at Brecon in mid-Wales and at Cardiff Castle; each telling a compelling story of over 300 years of human experience which is closely linked with great events of world history.
The National Army Museum is the British Army's own museum. It is the only museum to tell the story of the Army as a whole from Agincourt in the Fifteenth Century to peace-keeping in the Twenty-first Century.
Visitors to the Museum’s galleries can discover the colourful story of the British Army, and find out about some of the most remarkable episodes in Britain’s history, often from the perspective of the ordinary soldier.

This museum shows 15,000 artifacts in the historical collection chronicles the creation and development of VMI and the amazing contributions of alumni to history. Many items in the collection have been presented over the past 140 years by the individuals who used them.

Virginia Military Institute Museum

Lexington, Virginia - USA

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