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Bronze of Riace

Arms and war artifacts

Thirty-five kilometres from Canada's capital city, Ottawa, lies a Cold War bunker that is home to the Diefenbunker - Canada's Cold War Museum.
Below a farmer's field Canada's "secret" bunker quietly began operation in 1961. Throughout its 33 year lifetime the Diefenbunker was the Central Emergency Government Headquarters for Canada.
There are many interesting exhibits, as well as the building and infrastructure itself.

Ottawa - Canada

The museum is housed in a new Victorian style building overlooking Wilson's Creek National Battlefield and it displays artifacts and weapons of the war in the area west of the Mississippi River.
The collection consists of several thousand artifacts that have been accumulated over the last 40 years. It is a unique collection, displayed in over 50 exquisite and professionally designed cases. It’s the first, and only, private museum in the United States that tells the story of the Civil War in the West.
The Higgins Armory Museum enjoys the distinction of being the only museum in the Western Hemisphere entirely devoted to the study and display of arms and armor, but this is just one of many ways in which the Higgins is unique. In the majestic Great Hall visitors will come face-to-visor with rare armor, swords, and other artifacts from times long past - witnesses to the splendor and drama of medieval and Renaissance Europe, of feudal Japan, even ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Visitors can discover the art, technology, and heroic legacies our ancestors left behind.
Higgins Armory Museum

Worcester, Massachusetts - USA

The Swiss Castle of Morges homes the military museum of Vaud, and the museum of artillery. The first one is composed by eleven rooms in which are exposed significant collections of old and ordinance weapons armours, uniforms of Swiss soldiers to service of foreign country and also helmett and clothes of the cantonal militia.
In the museum of artillery it's possible to find more than 40 pieces of ordinance, a beautiful collection of small-scale models recall the development of artillery from the Wars of Burgundy at our days. The exposition is completed by various objects, by projectiles and especially by a rich iconography representing each piece in action.
Le Musée militaire vaudois

Morges - Switzerland

Located in the grandiose setting of the Invalides, this army museum presents one of the finest collections of arms, armour and uniforms. It shows the whole military history and art of war through several collections of medals, painting, photography, technology, arms, emblems, artillery, uniforms.

Musée de l'Armée

Paris - France

It homes the greatest collection of uniforms and arms of the Royal Italian Army from 1861 to 1945. The Museum is situated on the St. Giulio’s Island, a jewel of natural beauties, full of historical and artistic treasures.
The Museum unites the enchantment of military adventures and the evidences of the past way of life. It gives a panoramic view of the vicissitudes of the Royal Italian Army from 1861 to 1945.
Entire uniforms displayed on over 100 models illustrate the evolution of the military uniforms, decorations and accessories.
Museo del Regio Esercito Italiano

S.Giulio's island, Novara - Italy

Its mission is to promote in the UK and worldwide the knowledge and appreciation of arms and armour through the collections of the museum and the expertise of staff.
Each of the five themed galleries offers something to captivate every visitor: there is an exciting combination of spectacular displays, dramatic interpretations, live action events, interactive technology and thrilling exhibitions.
The fun and excitement continues outside in the summer months where the visitors can enjoy skilled demonstrations of jousting, falconry and horsemanship. So they can discover how history was made.
Royal Armouries

Leeds - UK

Impressive armour, glittering uniforms, spectacular medals and master-crafted swords. The evolution of weapons from cast-iron cannon to armour-plated vehicles...
The Royal Museum of the Army and Military History gives visitors the opportunity to see these impressive objects and the radical changes in armament and military technology that have taken place throughout the years. Here it's also possible to find an impressive amount of military artwork, paintings and sculptures in the collection.
Confederate veterans of Louisiana founded Memorial Hall, also known as the Confederate Museum, in New Orleans as a repository for their memorabilia from the War between the States. These veterans and their families have donated more than 90% of the artifacts (as original battle flags, uniform, coats, guns, swords in all thousands pieces) preserved and now exhibited in Memorial Hall. Their valuable relics and stories have been preserved for more than a century in this historic museum.
Memorial Hall contains the second largest collection of Confederate memorabilia in the United States, and is the oldest continually operating museum in Louisiana.
The Confederate Museum

New Orleans, Louisiana - USA

The Museum preserves one of the finest collections of nineteenth century military artifacts in the country. It exhibits material culture of Frontier Army soldiers who served west of the Mississippi River between 1804 and 1917. The museum collection of over five thousand items consists of weapons, uniforms, equipment, and vehicles used by Frontier Army soldiers as well as many Fort Leavenworth related items.
The Frontier Army Museum

Fort Leavenworth, Kansas - USA

This museum is dedicated to the memory of the many and often ultimate sacrifices made by our forbears in the pursuit of peace and democracy. It represents a unique approach to military history as its primary focus is on the Citizen Soldier at peace and at war. By showing Canada's industrial development in conjunction with warlike and peaceful artifacts which were used for both purposes, the Museum strives to educate its visitors in the many and varied ways. The collections consist of artillery pieces, both armoured and soft-skinned vehicles, farm machinery, tractors, missiles, industrial tools, uniforms, clothing, medals, civilian and military small arms, ammunition and artifacts representing the many ways the Citizen Soldier earns a living.
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