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With this itinerary we want to focus some of the most evocative castles that, by their historical importance, their beauty and the possibility to be visit, offer a moving "travel by the time" to the tourist.
The web-sites introduce history, images, legends, exhibitions of these castles and events organized in the course of the year.
The itinerary covers an big geographic area, concentrated in Europe, with only two exceptions: Japan and USA.
"War teaches us Peace, which is the current focus of world interest. However, peace must be defended in its value of freedom, equality, rights and duties, often earned only at the highest price."
By the war museums from all over the world, selected in this itinerary, we want to remember all young people who died - and today once more die - for these values in the hope of a future without any war and of a durable peace built with dialogue.
This itinerary is dedicated to all artists, scientists, writers, musicians and historical personages, that with their ideas, works, discoveries and with their same life gave an important contribution to social, political and cultural development of the history of humanity. All that we have today, from knowledge to technology, all that we think, what we today are we must that to these men who have preceded to us marking the course of history and the progress of the man. In this itinerary we have selected some websites of museums - often instituted in the houses in which these celebrities have lived - that want to maintain a vivid memory of them recognizing that the humanity is in debt to these great personages of the history whose works must be put to fruit for sake of everybody.
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